why imbuir (im-bwir)?

the spanish declare it’s about infusing an attribute that permeates the whole culture. at imbuir our team believes the same. our naturopathic integrative approach to medicine + unique iV therapy services (intravenous therapies) allows us to infuse vitality into your lifestyle.

why iV therapy?

40+ years ago dr. john myers pioneered intravenous therapy and the ‘myers cocktail’ knowing a healthy diet + daily multi-vitamin might not be enough to boost your energy + sharpen performance. imbuir has taken the iV (intravenous therapy) experience to the next level and our custom formulas ensure your nutrients are infused, optimally for your active lifestyle.iV menu

naturopathic medicine?

at imbuir, our naturopathic doctors believe in a proactive and preventative approach to medicine. we recognize that our clients deserve a comprehensive, team-oriented approach to health care. as with conventional medicine, naturopathic training requires three years of undergraduate pre-medical sciences and a four-year full-time program in health sciences, naturopathic principles and modalities.naturopathic medicine services