lab tests

pricing for laboratory tests varies. please contact us for more details.

may be covered by your extended health benefits. taxes not included.

allergy + food intolerance

  • inhalant panel for detection of seasonal and environmental allergy/sensitivity
  • in house food sensitivity test which measures antibodies to most commonly consumed foods. a customized rotation food diet is included with each test
  • gluten sensitivity testing for those believed to be celiac or just sensitive to gluten

hormone panels

  • salivary and urine hormone testing (male and female) reflecting bioactive hormone levels
  • testing allows for evaluating hormonal stress responses that may lead to chronic illness
  • serum thyroid panel to evaluate metabolic disregulation

gastrointestinal function panel

  • comprehensive stool analysis to evaluate the integrity of the intestinal lining and overall gastrointestinal health
  • detection of pathogenic microorganisms such as bacteria, parasites, yeast and fungi that may contribute to acute and chronic illnesses

detoxification panel

  • allows for assessment of retained toxic metals in the body
  • allows for assessment of essential minerals in the body
  • testing available through both urine or hair analyses

nutritional profiles + preventative screening

  • individualized vitamin and mineral assessments
  • amino acids profiles
  • fatty acids profiles