Imbuir | holistic nutrition
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holistic nutrition

Holistic Nutrition is an approach to health and wellness through the use of natural healing capabilities of food.  Holistic Nutrition looks at the “whole” person by assessing their complete health history, dietary habits, lifestyle, detoxification needs as well as physical and emotional aspects.  Connecting all these pieces can assist in determining the root cause of imbalance and therefore lead to a healthy program that would work best for you.

Everyone is biochemically different with different needs and health objectives.  Our Holistic Nutritionist will create a personalized and customizable nutrition and lifestyle program to help you restore balance and reach your health and wellness goals.  This service may be claimed through “NUTRITION” coverage based on individual plans.

The following programs are offered as part of the Holistic Nutrition Plan :

  • weight management
  • detoxification
  • blood sugar balancing
  • digestive health / gut disbiosis
  • hormonal imbalance
  • auto-immune
  • anti-inflammatory
  • pre / post natal
  • whole food / plant based
  • busy family / picky eaters / kids nutrition
  • immune health
  • mental health
  • low carb / ketogenic
  • pathogen elimination (bacteria/parasites/yeast)
  • general health maintenance