Imbuir | infusion therapy
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infusion therapy

Vitamin C, Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids

Intravenous administration of Vitamin C and other nutrients is an integral part of supportive cancer care. Vitamin C can be used as a pro-oxidative therapy during and after conventional treatments,  while nutrient IVs offer support post surgery to promote recovery as well as act to revitalize the immune system post treatments.

Vitamin C infusions differ from oral administration of ascorbic acid by delivering the nutrients directly to the cancer cell, therefore bypassing the digestive tract.   The proposed mechanism of intravenous vitamin C action on cancer cells comes from numerous research studies (links provided below).  Once in the system, vitamin C converts to hydrogen peroxide, causing oxidative insult to cancer cells without causing damage to healthy cells.   This oxidative damage can be advantageous, especially in combination with conventional therapies such as certain chemotherapeutics and radiation.

Our Naturopathic doctors review each case before recommending treatment; this ensures that the synergistic effect is maintained without negative interactions.  Doses of ascorbic acid are gradually titrated and frequency of treatments is tailored to individual needs.  Please note specialized blood work is required before administration of high doses of ascorbic acid, this can be requested through Imbuir or your General Family Practitioner. Links to studies

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