iV therapies

intravenous therapy (iV therapy at imbuir) was pioneered 40+ years ago by dr. john myers (myers cocktail) and is the infusion of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients directly into the blood stream.

compared with other routes of administration, the intravenous route is the fastest way to deliver fluids and nutrients, ensuring optimal absorption. individual results vary person to person.


iVp member sitting fee | $49* non-member sitting fee | $75*

* sitting fee is hst exempt and may be covered by extended health benefits (insurance). average therapy treatment is 45-60 minutes





  • john myers, the inventor of the ‘myers cocktail’ would be proud. the best 45 minutes you can spend helping to restore your body’s nutrient + electrolyte balance
  • formulated to help re-establish essential vitamins, minerals + amino acids and to help promote optimal health
  • weekly iV’s, even mightier than your daily multi-vitamin

  • always sick? this is your first line defense
  • a “super charged” mixture of antioxidants, trace minerals + immune enhancing “extras” to help augment your body’s natural immune defenses
  • help yourself get well + stay healthier with a series of immune enhancing iV’s


  • helps to balance the “fight or flight” response that may lead to fatigue + chronic illness
  • powerful anti-oxidants help stave off stress while high dose B vitamins help elevate energy + improve focus
  • the successful executives secret to staying ahead of the competition

inner beauty

  • helps to optimize metabolic rate + maintain nutrient status while on a weight loss program
  • liptrophic factors + metabolic boosters to help you shed those extra pounds
  • an important weekly treatment that can be combined with the iM skinny shots
  • an “inside out” beauty treatment to help promote glorious skin, hair and nails
  • amino acids and potent B vitamins may help strengthen and lengthen thinning hair and weak, brittle nails
  • maximum results achieved when combined with our imbuir vitamin and mineral supplements
  • the ultimate iV that helps promote healthy aging
  • an elite mixture of powerful age defying nutrients + antioxidants combined with a glutathione boost
  • for those who are young at heart and looking for extra help to look that way too


  • an elite athlete’s dream iV to help promote optimal muscle function and to help speed recovery
  • a blend of essential amino acids and free radicals fighters help to support optimal physical conditioning
  • for every athlete, from the ironman tri-athlete to the weekend warrior
  • a healthy + all natural hang-over prevention and recovery treatment
  • formulated to help restore electrolytes, hydration + energy, all while flushing out some of the toxins
  • a perfect way to end your fun-infused weekend
  • from minor to major, every surgical procedure’s “best friend”
  • specially selected amino acids + nutrients help to restore collagen that may speed healing, + minimize scar/adhesion formation
  • for best results, begin 2-4 weeks prior to surgery + continue for 4-6 weeks after

made to order

  • from dental work, to heavy metal chelation, to cancer care
  • formulated with high doses of ascorbic acid (25g-100g) + trace minerals
  • special testing may be required prior to administration

  • an iV “one-two punch” to help knock out the symptoms of the cold or flu
  • formulated with potent anti-oxidants like vitamin C, zinc + selenium that enhance immunity
  • infused at the onset of symptoms, may help to minimize the time spent fighting the cold or flu

  • unsure of what iV to choose? ask our experts to customize something just for you
  • designed to optimize the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that you uniquely need
  • comprehensive nutrient screening can also be performed to help create your ideal iV cocktail

*inquire about customized iV treatment plans. no hst on sititng fee. taxes not included on product cost. imbuir unique iV formulas were developed to help optimize your lifestyle and our naturopathic team can also customize a formula specific to your needs.