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A one, two punch for your immune system.   High dose vitamin C + the most powerful antioxidant, glutathione, helps to support cellular health, immune function and anti-aging.

Neuro-supportive nutrients to help with healing post-concussion or injury.

For anxiety and low mood, this is nourishment that goes straight to your brain.  High dose amino acids help to support mood and memory, while providing a sense of calm.

Even mightier than your daily multi-vitamin, and the best 45 minutes you can spend helping to restore your body’s nutrient + electrolyte balance.

Stressed?  Help balance the fight or flight response with restorative minerals, amino acids and B vitamins.  The secret to balance and staying on top of your game.

A surge of energy provided by powerful anti-oxidants and high dose B vitamins that elevate energy + improve focus.

An elite mixture of powerful age defying nutrients + antioxidants combined with a glutathione boost to help promote youthfulness.

Always sick?   Or can’t quite kick it?  This is your first line defense.  Give your immune system a super charge mixture of antioxidants, trace minerals + immune enhancing extras.

Mega doses of magnesium and Vitamin B2, along with extra hydration, for quick relief of migraines or tension headaches.

A blend of essential amino acids and free radicals fighters to help support optimal physical conditioning for every athlete, from the ironman tri-athlete to the weekend warrior.

An inside out beauty treatment packed with amino acids and B vitamins to help promote glorious skin, hair and nails.

From surgery to wound healing to athletic recovery, specially selected amino acids + antioxidants help to speed healing and minimize scar formation.

Too much of a good thing? Quick relief of symptoms and restoration of electrolytes, hydration + energy will have you back on track in no time.

Optimize metabolic rate while on a weight loss program with fat burning liptrophic factors + metabolic boosters that can help shed those extra pounds.

From acute immune support to chronic infection and cancer care, specially formulated doses of Vitamin C (25g-100g) + trace minerals.

quick drips

Mega doses of our more powerful anti-oxidant for fast improvements in concentration and focus.

In a hurry and need a boost? Our quick drip is packed with B vitamins and carnitine to energize and get you back on the go.

*additional individual vitamins, minerals or amino acid can be added to any drip to customize your iV experience

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