Imbuir | iVp club
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iVp club – member benefits

  trust. quality. integrity.

imbuir iV (intravenous) therapy treatments are administered by trusted medical professionals in a modern décor and spa like atmosphere. Imbuir only uses quality ingredients in every iV treatment and are preservative free.  We always keep the integrity of our clients and profession in mind with every iV experience. our unique iV formulas were developed to help optimize your lifestyle and we can also customize a formula specific to your needs. compared with other routes of administration, the intravenous route is the fastest way to deliver fluids and nutrients, ensuring optimal absorption and a healthier lifestyle.

how the iVp club works:
  • complete your initial $69.99 iV therapy experience. no obligations to join. no member fees
  • join the iVp club and only pay a $69.99 sitting fee + ‘cost of product’ for all future iV visits
  • simply book an appointment + choose the iV formula of your preference
  • you may have more than one iV treatment each month at the iVp member rates
  • family members in the same household are entitled to your iVp member rates
  • iVp members receive 10% discount on select supplements all year round
  • save over $300 annually
  • imbuir also offers a full range of naturopathic medicine services
other details:
  • sitting fee is the cost to administer and monitor the iV by a certified medical professional.
  • sitting fee may be covered by your extended health benefits under naturopathic medicine (insurance)
  • ‘+ cost of product’ is the iV formula you choose to have. each iV formula varies in complexity and cost. Find a favorite or try a different formula each visit
  • each iV visit includes a brief health check at no additional cost

ready for your iv?