naturopathic medicine – now hst exempt

initial consultation | 60 min | $175 second visit | 45 min | $100 follow up visits | 30 min | $75

complimentary 15 minute consultations available. all fees may be covered by your extended health benefits (insurance).


As with conventional medicine, naturopathic training requires three years of undergraduate pre-medical sciences and a four-year full-time program in health sciences, naturopathic principles and modalities. Upon completion of the regulatory board exams, including the NPLEX, naturopathic doctors are required to maintain their competency by meeting continuing education requirements.


naturopathic medicine

  • comprehensive initial assessments with our licensed naturopathic doctors
  • continued care appointments and wellness check-ups tailored to your individual needs
  • acute care appointments, because we know things just come up sometimes

oncology (cancer care)

  • comprehensive individualized approaches to cancer backed by the latest, leading-edge research
  • collaboration with medical oncologists, medical doctors, naturopathic doctors + other professionals
  • iV™ therapy and nutrition to support vitality at any stage of diagnosis, recurrence, or for risk reduction

hormone balancing

  • all-inclusive testing and assessment for hormonal imbalances at any age
  • natural alternatives to traditional Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)
  • iV™ therapy and nutrition for adrenal fatigue, menopause, infertility + other hormone imbalances

weight loss

  • “made to measure” programs because we know “one size doesn’t fit all”
  • individualized dietary and nutritional assessment/planning (including body composition analysis)
  • iV™ and iM™ therapy programs to help with metabolic boosting and lipolysis

healthy aging + prevention

  • individualized plans for healthy aging + disease prevention
  • all-inclusive nutritional evaluations with personalized recommendations
  • iV™ therapy programs tailor-made to your needs


  • toxicity occurs on two levels: external (acquired from the environment) and internal (biochemical cellular and bodily functions)
  • most common toxicity symptoms include headache, fatigue, mucus problems, aches and pains, digestive problems, allergy symptoms and sensitivities to environmental agents
  • our programs are design to test, eliminate and cleanse common and specific toxins from your body for optimal health

gastrointestinal health

  • healthy gastrointestinal tract and function is the basis of good health
  • we offer wide array of tests to evaluate intestinal microorganisms, inflammation and digestive function

pain management

  • pain arises from acute physical injuries or a disease process left untreated
  • our pain management program consists of identifying the root cause of your pain, and treating appropriately by stimulating the body’s own ability to heal
  • treatments may consist of physical therapies such as acupuncture and mesotherapy, as well as nutritional supplementation, botanical medicine and iV therapies

allergy elimination

  • allergy “triggers” can be seasonal, environmental or food related
  • whatever the trigger, our in house testing methods help to identify and pinpoint your specific allergens
  • rather than just treating symptoms or avoiding the allergen, our programs are designed to strengthen the body’s own immune system and defence system in order to achieve optimal health