Imbuir | prevention + tests
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prevention + tests

Counselling about ways to optimize health and prevent disease is the fundamental principle of Naturopathic Medicine.  At Imbuir, we strive to offer most up to date tests that help us achieve those exact goals.

Through collabortation we are able to provide our patients with the RGCC Test for Circulating Tumor Cells.

Circulating tumor cells are cancer cells which have broken away from the primary tumor and have shed into the blood stream where they circulate and have the potential to generate metastatic disease. If isolated, these cells may help to detect early signs of a developing cancer or help to monitor existing cancers. The technology also allows for the generation of an individual profile of which cancer drugs and which natural substances can be used to achieve the best treatment outcomes.

Hormone Testing offers another level of monitoring for disease progression in certain cancers.   The testing can also serve those who wish to balance hormones for prevention of disease.   We offer serum, saliva and dried urine methods of hormonal testing. Counselling on lifestyle, individualized nutrition and prescriptions as well as individualized testing is vital to promoting good health and ultimately preventing disease.