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naturopathic medicine

our naturopathic integrative medicine services and programs include extensive therapies such as iV/iM therapy, meso therapy, nutritional supplementation, herbal medicine, acupuncture, and lifestyle counselling view naturopathic medicine services

iV therapies

a healthy diet and daily multi-vitamin might not be enough to boost your energy and sharpen performance. our iVís ensure nutrients are infused, optimally.view iV menu


iM therapies

need a quick boost + not enough time for an iV? get a quick fix with an iM treatment. in just minutes, you’ll be able to help elevate your energy, stimulate your metabolism and even brighten your complexion.view iM menu

imbuirís other services

We also offer extensive laboratory testing including hormone panels, detoxification profiles, age management assessments, nutrient status evaluations and allergy/food intolerance tests.