Imbuir | Team
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the imbuir team

at imbuir, our dedicated team of professionals, comprised of licensed naturopathic doctors and customer service specialists, strive to provide all of our patients with an exceptional health care experience


dr. andrea kuzmiski

naturopathic doctor, iV practitioner, clinic co-owner

Dr Kuzmiski has extensive training in Intravenous Therapy and Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (including thyroid), with a clinical focus in hormone balancing at any age, and weight loss.


dr. agnes matacz

naturopathic doctor, iV practitioner, clinic co-owner

In clinical practice, Dr. Agnes focuses on endocrine health (adrenal fatigue and stress, thyroid disorders, healthy weight management, PMS and menopause), autoimmune and digestive disorders (SIBO, IBS, IBD) and IV therapy.


dr. kelly hogan

naturopathic doctor
 – currently on maternity leave until end of 2022 – 

as a naturopathic doctor with a general family practice since 2013, kelly is known for her approachable and compassionate patient centered care. she works with patients to understand the root cause of their symptoms and inspires changes that lead to lifelong health and wellness.


dr. simona scurta

naturopathic doctor

dr. Simona scurta is a graduate of the Canadian college of naturopathic medicine and a board-certified naturopathic doctor with prescriptive authority.


melanie kowalski

registered practical nurse, aesthetic nurse

melanie completed her training in nursing at fanshawe college, where she earned a diploma in practical nursing in 2012 and is a registered nurse with the college of nurses of ontario with an extensive nursing career in public health, occupational health, family practice and teaching.

dr. Katie oh

naturopathic doctor

Dr. Katie Oh is a Naturopathic Doctor licensed in Ontario with prescribing rights and an additional training in IV nutrient therapy. She is passionate about helping busy professional women manage stress and emotions effectively, and function at their optimal level with high energy, better sleep and mental clarity.


stacey brennan


before joining the team, stacey worked at a dental clinic in her native ireland. she has always had an interest in health and wellness, and is very eager to welcome patients to imbuir.


tracey waterman


Tracey brings a passion for wellness and client care to the imbuir team. With over 20 years of experience in holistic health and client-focused services she looks forward to welcoming you to the clinic and supporting your wellness goals.