Imbuir | Chantel Mulhern
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 Chantel Mulhern

live + layered blood cell analyst

Chantal began experiencing challenges with her health several years ago and as a result, she discovered the world of natural medicine, inspiring her to ‘eat clean’ and adopt a healthier lifestyle. Focused and energized, Chantal realized she had a desire to help others.

Live Blood Cell Analysis allows patients to see and understand what is happening to their bodies at a cellular level.  Working in partnership with Naturopathic Doctors, Live Blood has the ability to provide measurable results.  Chantal is currently completing a certificate in holistic nutrition.  She is looking forward to combining her holistic nutrition knowledge along with Live Blood in helping others change their lives just like she did.

Family is extremely important to Chantal and in her free time she enjoys spending time with her husband and their two young daughters.

To book an appointment at our office, please contact