Imbuir | the imbuir iV experience
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the imbuir iV experience

Your initial iV visit includes a 30 minute comprehensive health check with our naturopathic doctors. This appointment will allow us to review your medial history, as well as, suggest important blood work prior to your first iV experience. 

Once we receive your blood work and any medical records, if required, you will be contacted to book your custom iV experience.

your iV experience, step by step :

  • Let us know which iV formula best suits your needs. We will also make recommendations based on your consultation with our Naturopathic Doctors.
  • Arrive for your iV experience 15 minutes beforehand, our staff will greet you, offer you a beverage and have you fill out a health check form. Intake forms can be filled out in advance by downloading them from our website.
  • Once your iV is started, you can then relax in our open concept iV lounge. Our doctors will continually monitor your progress and answer any questions that you may have during the treatment.
  • Enjoy calming music and complimentary tea/water. We ask that you keep all cell phones on silent and use headphones as needed out of respect for other iV clients, and maintaining our peaceful environment.
  • After your iV, our doctors will assess your experience. Our reception staff will then provide you with a receipt for treatment that can be claimed under most insurance plans.

helpful iV tips :

  • Arrive 10-15 minutes early for your iV experience
  • Drink plenty of water before and after your iV treatment
  • Avoid caffeinated beverages prior to your arrival
  • Eat something before your visit to help balance your blood sugar
  • Avoid wearing scents/perfumes in the clinic
  • Avoid the use of cell phones and loud voices in the treatment area

We look forward to meeting you!