Imbuir | cancer care
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integrative cancer care

At Imbuir, we focus on the integrative and evidence based model of cancer care.  Integral to this model is the individual approach to care, with special focus on clinical nutrition, detoxification,  immune support and the mind-body connection.

Conventional Oncology therapies including surgery, chemotherapy and radiation are complemented with natural therapies either during or after treatment to support quality of life, minimize side effects, improve healing and recovery times and ultimately improve survival.

Our programs include a variety of modalities such as IV therapy, injection therapies, nutritional counselling and individualized vitamin and herbal prescriptions.  All prescriptions given alongside conventional therapies are well researched to prevent potential drug-herb/vitamin interactions.  Whether looking for prevention counselling or supportive care during your cancer journey, our Naturopathic Doctors are qualified to help.

Our Naturopathic doctors review each case before recommending treatment; this ensures that the synergistic effect is maintained without negative interactions.  Doses of ascorbic acid are gradually titrated and frequency of treatments is tailored to individual needs.  Please note specialized blood work is required before administration of high doses of ascorbic acid, this can be requested through Imbuir or your General Family Practitioner.

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